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We Are

We are Design Assembly – a studio based in Bali, Indonesia. We specialise in modern, tropical architecture and design.

We opened our doors in 2015. And since then we’ve worked on beach clubs, restaurants, bars, resorts, hotels and private villas (you can take a look through some of them here).

Most people work with us on their projects from scratch – from coming up with a design concept, right the way through to construction. Other times, we work alongside consultants for things like design concept or interiors, and we come on board for a specific part of a project.

Whatever way you might work with us, our job is always to think about what’s right for a project and its location, as well as bringing to life the most well-designed, buildings and spaces that we can.


We’ve by no means got this all worked out. But being more sustainable in the way we design is something we’re always trying to do better at. This comes from the way we plan a space for things like natural light and ventilation, to using mostly local or reclaimed materials for building.

But we want to do more. Eventually we’d like to see all of the projects we work on to be fitted out with solar panels, water recycling systems, only reclaimed or completely sustainably sourced woods and greener concrete wherever its used.


We’re a small, core team of architects and designers from across Indonesia. We work with a wider team of freelancers and consultants we trust and partner up with for different parts of different projects.

Tim Caston

Tim Caston


The team is led by Tim. Originally from Ipswich in the UK, he escaped the harsh winters and reached Bali’s shores 8 years ago.
With a Masters Degree in Architecture from Sheffield University, Tim worked on and lead a variety of residential and hospitality projects for practices in London, Perth and Bali before establishing Design Assembly in 2015.

Addiena Irzan

Addiena Irzan

Senior Architect

After working for the Bali-based GFAB practice for eight years on architecture and interiors, Addiena took a bit of a break from the profession (mainly we think to pursue her passion for karaoke).
But we lured her back in. She manages our projects which include both architecture and interiors.

Bintang Padu

Bintang Padu


Bintang joined us after completing his masters degree in Architecture at Parahyangan University in Bandung. He's is our main 3D wiz kid who helps bring our designs to life. A true artist at heart he enjoys painting portraits and graffiti during his spare time. He even got caught in the act by Indonesian president Jokowi whist he was governor of Solo, Java. You can check out some of his work on instagram @bintangpadu

Portrait black and white photo of Widi

Widi Murti

Interior Designer

Originally from Semarang (Java), Widi recently joined us after working for Bali-based Interior Design consultant 'MF Design' where she worked for 2 years. She has a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta, but since graduating she decided to focus on her passion for Interior Design. She's ready to make your dream spaces become a reality.


Mazebah Siahaan

Graduate Architect

Zeba is our newest recruit. He recently arrived at our door (literally) asking for a job and the rest is history as they say. Originally from Jakarta he graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Pelita Harapan University in 2019. As we like to throw people into the ‘deep end’ Zeba is now learning his trade by multitasking on several projects to support the team. Outside of the office Zeba is a talented vocalist and guitar player so we are awaiting our first private gig sometime soon....


Gilang Delima


Gilang is from Singaraja in North Bali and is in charge of our accounts and administration. As well as keeping our finances in impeccable order she makes sure we all get paid on time so is probably the most important person in the office. Thanks Gilang!

MEDI copy

Medina Widiasarah

Interior Designer

Medina joined us recently in September 2021. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design at Maranatha Christian University in Bandung, ‘Medi’ worked as a freelance interior designer and then for IKEA as an Interior design specialist. Expect to see flat pack Design Assembly furniture coming to a villa near you soon!