Bisma Villa


Type:  Villa

Location:  Ubud, Bali

Status: Prospective

Build area: 500m2

The owners of this piece of land in Ubud wanted to build a modern eight-bedroom villa and run like a mini-hotel.

It was a small site for this number of bedrooms (all ensuite too). So to achieve the eight, while still making sure each one felt private and spacious, along with good-sized communal areas, we designed the villa over three levels. Each level is flat and relatively low so that the overall building didn’t feel too high or over-bearing.

Because the owners wanted a long pool, there wasn’t enough room for a garden on the lower level. There also wasn’t the budget for green roofs or terraces. So instead we designed in planter boxes right the way around the upper level, and a bamboo screen around the middle level that climbing plants eventually grow up and in between.

Unfortunately, this one was not to be. After breaking ground, the project was cancelled shortly after due to some funding issues.

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