About us

We are Design Assembly – an Architecture and Interior design studio based in Bali, Indonesia.

We opened our doors in 2015. And since then, we’ve been designing private villas, boutique resorts, beach clubs, restaurants and bars.

Most of our clients work with us on their projects from scratch – from coming up with the initial design concept, through the design development process and right the way to the completion of the project.

Our job is always to think about what’s right for a project and its location, as well as bringing to life the most well-designed buildings and unique spaces that we can.


Design Assembly Team

The Team

Tim Caston

Tim Caston


The team is led by Tim. Originally from UK, he escaped the harsh winters and reached Bali’s shores around 10 years ago.

With a BA and MA in Architecture from the University of Sheffield, Tim has previously worked on and led a variety of residential and hospitality projects for practices in London, Perth, and Bali before establishing Design Assembly in 2015.

Addiena Irzan

Addiena Irzan

Senior Architect

After working for the Bali-based GFAB Architectural practice for eight years, ‘Addi’ took a bit of a break from the profession (mainly we think to pursue her passion for karaoke).

But we lured her back in – and as our most experienced Architect she now leads our big projects. She’s a bit of a machine and churns out most of our construction drawings, whilst handing down her knowledge to the rest of the team.

Maharani Putri

Maharani Putri

Senior Architect

Putri is a Senior Architect and lead designer in our Studio. Prior to joining us, she had spent the 3 years working with Andra Matin Studio and OMA on the fit-out of the new Desa Potatohead in Seminyak, Bali.

As well as being the 'mother hen' in the studio, she brings to us an invaluable list of contacts and suppliers that she’s gathered whilst working in Indonesia. (Very useful!)

Widi Murti

Widi Murti

Interior Designer

Originally from Semarang (Java), Widi joined us after working for Bali-based Interior Design consultant 'MF Design' where she worked for 2 years.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta, but since graduating she decided to focus on her passion for Interior Design. She's ready to make your dream spaces become a reality.


Richard Christian


Originally from Ende, East Nusa Tenggara, Richard earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Petra University in 2022. Subsequently, he made his way to Bali and became part of our team following his tenure at Mdesign Archiplan in Surabaya.

Richard's enthusiasm is particularly evident in the concept phase of projects, where he excels in 3D rendering. Forget AI - we have RC. 


Timothy James Hanjaya

Junior Architect

'James' joined our team in 2023 after completing his studies at Sebelas Maret University in Solo, Central Java, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture in 2021. Alongside his dedicated work at Design Assembly, James showcases exceptional culinary talent and even owns and manages a restaurant business in his spare time. Yes, Chef!


Bertrand Cleviandro

Interior Designer

Bertrand recently became a valuable addition to our team after serving as a Junior Interior Designer at HBA in Bali. Hailing from Malang, East Java, he graduated from Binus University with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design.

Sarah Nur Sabrina Office-6

Sarah Nur Sabrina

Office Manager

Originally from Jakarta, Sabrina is our queen of administration and is the office manager. She manages all the day-to-day tasks in the office and generally makes all our lives easier. Thanks, Sabrina!

Gilang Delima

Gilang Delima


Gilang is from Singaraja in North Bali and is in charge of our accounts and administration. As well as keeping our finances in impeccable order she makes sure we all get paid on time so is probably the most important person in the office!