Boni Beach Resort

Boni Beach Resort


Type:  Boutique Resort

Location:  Serangan Beach, South Lombok

Status: In Process

Build area: 1955m2

Boni Beach Resort located on Serangan Beach in the Selong Belanak area of South Lombok this project will consist of 8 block rooms, 6 bungalows, 2 four-bedroom villas, and an owner’s villa. There is also an all-day dining restaurant, pool, and sunset roof terrace/bar.

Our goal with the design was to use Sasak traditions in a modern beach resort setting, by taking design elements from Sasak villages and interpreting them in a refined, modern way. We choose earthy tones and textures, grassy roofs, wood-clad structures, and natural stone walls that often surround the outer edges of traditional Sasak villages.
By keeping both the architecture and material palette clean, it gave us the opportunity to be playful with the interiors. We designed organic and natural shapes to contrast the clean-lined architecture and give a sophisticated finished but without being too uniform, and to tap into the feeling of laid-back island/beach life.

The interiors also give us the opportunity to source and showcase craftsmanship from across Lombok, such as ikat from Pringgasela village (famous for their linear patterns and use of natural dyes), Lombok pottery, and Ketak woven baskets and homewares.

Construction commenced in December 2021 and is set for completion at the beginning of 2023.

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