Luma Restaurant

Luma Restaurant


Type:  Restaurant

Location:  Canggu, Bali

Status: Completed

Build area: 630m2

Developing a unique identity that engages the modern traveller, and a discerning local expat community, in a highly competitive culinary scene was our primary intent with the interior architecture for Luma.

In recent years, the area of Canggu where Luma is located, has grown to become the urban epicentre of the tropical island of Bali. And so we wanted to combine both the restaurant’s seaside location and Mediterranean theme with the contemporary design and functionality found in hospitality venues in cities around the world. To create a space that caters to the lifestyle of people in Bali, which often involves an element of co-working during the day, followed by socialising with friends in the evening. The front terrace and amphitheatre style sunken lounge; both provide for comfortable places to linger from day to night, whilst the main dining area and front and back bars are for night-time entertaining.

For the design concept, we took cues from the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, from the rugged coastline to the famed arched doorways and windows, and a focus on indoor-outdoor living. We then contrasted this with a post-modernist style that is largely rooted in Italy’s design capital of Milan and promotes experimentation through playful combinations of texture, colour, shape and art-level style furniture.

Luma opened in June 2022. Follow here.

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