Villa Anyar 

Villa Anyar 


Type:  Villa

Location:  Umalas, Bali

Status: In Process

Build area: 590m2

This Villa Anyar project three-bedroom private villa located on a tight riverside location has been designed for a young family who have made Bali their home.

Due to the complexity of the slight site, we developed several different massing options that all responded differently to the site. Sunpath, prevailing wind, privacy, views, and access are all varying factors that influenced the development of our design. 

The result is a modern minimalist tropical house that provides privacy to the user, connects the internal spaces to the outside, and a building that keeps cool and will not overheat from the sun. The stand-out features are a large thin angled roof form that protects the building and provides shade for a roof terrace as well as a lap pool that is perched above the riverside. The perfect family home and a great space for hosting guests.

Design Assembly will be building this villa Anyar with Bali Home Builder and construction set to start in June 2022.

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