Kedara House

Kedara House


Type:  Private Villa

Location:  Selemadeg, Tabanan, Bali

Status: Prospective

Build area: 2350m2

Kedara Villa was designed as a holiday and retreat villa. It is located in an, un-spoilt spot in West Bali, and so it was important that we were sensitive to this and the natural resources in the area.

We designed the villa with big floor to ceiling glass doors and windows to allow natural light and ventilation fill each room. The bamboo screens around the upstairs can be folded back or wrapped around the house to provide shade and privacy.

All of the materials for Kedara were sourced locally, including Bali red brick, split bam boo and reclaimed ironwood. The concrete we used Green Sense – which replaces steel rebar with synthetic reinforcement fibres, providing an efficient and energy saving structural solution.

Solar panels were fitted to Kedara’s green roof and we also designed a rain water catching system that will keep the gardens and green roof watered throughout the year.

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