Pererenan Villas

Pererenan Villas


Type:  Villas

Location:  Pererenan, Bali

Status: In Process

Build area: 2030m2

This Pererenan Villas 1500m2 riverside site is located in a quiet residential area of Pererenan, Bali. The brief from our Singaporean client was to design 5 modern Mediterranean houses that would be operated as holiday rentals, plus 1 five-bedroom villa for the owners.

From colonial haciendas to native Ibizan fincas – the Spanish home comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and each with its own unique characteristics. Although, some core elements remain throughout, including stucco walls, gravel courtyards, external stairways, terracotta tiles, wooden beams, shutters, arches, and variations in window size and location – the latter functioning to protect the interior from the glare and heat of the Mediterranean sun. 

Design Assembly have thus taken inspiration from these key design features and created a concept that gives a nod to modern Spanish architecture and interiors, whilst equally recognising our Balinese surroundings. 

The Pererenan Villas project is being constructed by Bali Home Builder and broke ground in early 2022. 

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