Utomo Villa


Type:  Private Residence

Location:  Umalas, Bali

Status: In Process

Build area: 415m2

This Indonesian client, based in Jakarta came to us during the Global Pandemic as they wanted to build a second family home, Utomo Villa so they could escape the hustle and bustle of city life. We explored the potential of several sites with them before they settled on a 500m2 site located in a quiet residential area of Umalas, Bali. 

As the site is quite thin and privacy was important to them, it made sense to design an inward-looking scheme so that views would be protected – regardless of what might get built on either side of this ‘green field’ site. 

For the design style of the Utomo villa, the client was keen to blend a modern Mediterranean style with Balinese influences in form and materiality to give the project a sense of place. We have designed a timeless interior using materials that will be easy to maintain. Also, as there are 2 young boys in the family we added some fun elements to the project, including a curved pool, a playful kids’ bedroom and a games room.

The site has been cleared and Design Assembly look forward to breaking ground in May 2022.

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